Washington County, Wisconsin : past and present
Volume: 0001 Author: Quickert, Carl Date published: 1912
Make: Northern Micrographics, Inc.
Software: RC2005-SS1.001
Image Description: |13|Washington County,Wisconsin. Past and Present.|Carl Quickert, ed. |1912|0056WASH_V0000_I000_0001_R001|TPG001|
Artist: 1-800-236-0850
Date and Time
Date and Time: 2002:05:28 14:59:03
Width: 4200
Height: 6075
Orientation: first row: top edge, first column: left edge
X Resolution: 600
Y Resolution: 600
Resolution Unit: Inch
Samples Per Pixel: 1
Bits Per Sample: 1
Photometric Interpretation: White Is Zero
Compression: CCITT Group 4 fax