Atlas and farm directory with complete survey in township plats Juneau County Wisconsin : containing plats of all townships with owners' names; also maps of the state, United States and world; also an outline map of the county showing location of townships, villages, roads, schools, churches, railroads, streams, Etc., Etc.
Date published: 1914
Make: Northern Micrographics, Inc.
Software: RC2005-SS1.001
Image Description: |157|Atlas and Farm Directory With Complete Survey in Township Plats Juneau County Wisconsin. Containing Plats of all Townships with Owners' Names; also Maps of the State, United States and World; also an Outline Map of the County Showing Location of Townships, Villages, Roads, Schools, Churches, Railroads, Streams, Etc., Etc.||1914|WI6274_V0000_I000_0001_000A|UNSPEC|
Artist: 1-800-236-0850
Date and Time
Date and Time: 2003:05:21 16:00:15
Width: 3581
Height: 4725
Orientation: first row: top edge, first column: left edge
X Resolution: 300
Y Resolution: 300
Resolution Unit: Inch
Samples Per Pixel: 1
Bits Per Sample: 1
Photometric Interpretation: White Is Zero
Compression: CCITT Group 4 fax